3D sketches; competition entries and design proposal

This is where I post 3D sketches. Design proposals for private homes or offices, freestyle experiments and entries to design competitions.


Have a look around

I am a designer for hire. When you see something that might sort of fit what you are looking for, contact me. We’ll discuss how we can rework something similar into a design solution that fits your needs. All designs and sketches are mine.


 Freestyle wall-art / roomdivider design

feature wall; braided wood, rubber and rings



System ceiling add-on, part of a project

system ceiling tile update, design proposal
system ceiling tile update


Entry to design competition for exterior P+R

sketch green exterior P+R design proposal

Cutout grid on gold wall, design proposal

design proposal feature wall



Freestyle sketch for a lunch pond in office area

Sketch for a lunch pond in office area


Entry to Beck’s bar interior competition

For me it was mostly about the tiled wall with a skyline from a commercial.. Made it to the finels though.

My entry for a Beck's bar interior design competition
My entry for a Beck’s bar interior design competition


Design proposal for a wallpiece, for Shampoo planet

shampoo interior design featurewall sketch


Tile / grout pattern design

tile grout pattern design


Freestyle ottoman design

ottoman design



Stainless steel sign proposal for Lloyd hotel‘s docks.

Lloyd hotel pier